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Getting an STD Blood Test in Cleveland

It’s baseball season again, and while we can count on the Cleveland Indians making it close but once again disappointing us, what we can’t count on is for an STD infection to go away without treatment.  That’s why it’s important if you think you might be infected with an STD like hepatitis B, HIV, or syphilis, to have an STD blood test performed right away.  But do you need an STD blood test or a urine test?  The answer is that it depends on the STD.

Cleveland residents have to give either a urine sample or blood sample when being tested for STDs, depending on the type of test being performed – sometimes both.  That’s because some STDs require an STD blood test, while others need only a simple urine test.

Bacterial infections such as chlamydia and gonorrhea can be detected using a urine test.  In fact, there are home test kits available in Cleveland for these STDs.  Other STDs like syphilis, HIV, or hepatitis B are detected using an STD blood test.  While an STD blood test exists for other STDs like herpes, it is expensive and herpes can usually be detected in other ways, foregoing the need for an STD blood test.  In fact, most Cleveland clinics and doctors can detect herpes by physical examination, or by taking a culture of the herpes ulcer. Because of these two factors, most doctors in Cleveland and Cleveland clinics will not order an STD blood test to detect herpes.

If you are seeking an STD blood test as an annual check then you will probably have to give both a urine and blood sample, but if you know you’ve been specifically exposed to an infection like syphilis, an STD blood test is all you need.STD Testing in Cleveland is now easier than ever.

An STD blood test works the same way as a cholesterol test.  The Cleveland area lab or clinic will take a sample, expose it to reactive chemicals, and look for a specific reaction.  That specific reaction will tell the diagnostician whether or not a specific infection is present.  In the case of an HIV STD blood test, a second STD blood test may be performed to confirm the results of the first test.

Either way, an STD blood test is very accurate, especially if the result of the STD blood test comes back positive.  If the STD blood test comes back negative, then it means you are likely not infected, but there are many factors that can lead to what is called a “false negative.”

If you think you’ve been exposed to an STD, make arrangements to get tested. There are many options available to Cleveland residents for an STD blood test.  One STD blood test option available to Cleveland residents is one of many clinics in the Cleveland area.  While affordable most are not conveniently located.  Many Cleveland residents opt to see their family physician for an STD blood test, but many in Cleveland are uncomfortable speaking to their own doctor about sex.

A third option is one of the many online STD blood test services that operate in Cleveland. Quick, affordable, and confidential, many Cleveland residents are turning to these services as the primary way to arrange for an STD blood test.

Regardless of which option you choose, it’s important to be tested.  If you think you’ve been exposed to syphilis, HIV, or hepatitis B, make arrangements for an STD blood test today.  These days, it’s really no different than getting your cholesterol checked.

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